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Friday, 17 July 2009

Nak beli bunga telor yang murah dan nampak sangat mahal??.. Sila la baca entry ini..


I'm helping my little aunt to sell her hand-made item..
What is it??

Ok.. u guys kalau survey mane-mane pun..takkan dapat harga seperti yang kami tawarkan ini.. Memang la SUPER DUPER CHEAP!! Serius..takde tipu2 ni.. So, kepada sesiapa yang bercadang melangsungkan perkahwinan..ataupun nak sedekahkan kepada sedara untuk majlis kahwin dorg...dan masih berkira-kira mana nak beli bunga telor yang murah dan nampak sangat mahal.. Sila la scroll di bawah...

Red Hot Chilli

Item Code: 001
Material: Colored Socks, Ribbons & Pearls

Also known as: Bunga Stokin


** Normal Price Range: RM15.90-RM20.++

Apple Green

Item Code: 002

Material: Colored Socks & Ribbons

Also known as: Bunga Stokin


** Normal Price Range: RM7.90- RM12.90

Turquoise Blue

Item Code: 003

Material: Dip Flower Paint, Colored Socks & Ribbons

Also known as: Bunga Dip


** Normal Price Range: RM9.00- RM15.90

**Colors are available at your request

**All items are PRE-ORDER items.
sO, hurry up!! since all items are pre-order items.. So, we need ur help to order it as soon as you can.. so that we can alocate our time to make sure that ur item arrived on time..


How to ORDER??

SMS/E-mail me @ 019-3203669/017-3977064 & belle_legal@yahoo.com

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Tuala Wanita/Pantiliner REFRESH..For Sale!!

Pantiliner REFRESH
Sangat sejuk apabila digunakan
Memelihara bahagian sulit Wanita
RM10.00 / pc

Tuala Wanita REFRESH
Sangat sejuk apabila digunakan
Memelihara bahagian sulit Wanita
RM11.00 / pc

To buy/order,
Please call me @ 019-3203669
or email me at belle_legal@yahoo.com

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Authentic Guess Tote For Sale!!!

Authentic Guess Tote..

Original Price/Bought @ RM299

NOW wish to sell it for only RM239

1. NEW - latest design

2. Never Use It since I bought it..

3. Pink in Color

4. it looks like a briefcase

5. Similar to Marc Jacobs Tote

*** If u wish to buy it - do email me @ belle_legal@yahoo.com . Thank you!!

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Black & White Tube Dress

I wish to sell this black and white tube dress. I wore it twice only. First for my hubby's annual dinner and the second time is at the DPP's Conference last year..
I bought this tube dress @ ENVEE Mid Valley in July 2008 for RM 199
Now I wish to sell it at RM139 only!!
This tube dress also comes along with a black sash..like u can see in the picture above and does fit S/M size.
Believe me.. you'll goona love it.. It looks perfectly like new..
Call or SMS me now!!

Pre-Loved Layered Chilli Red Tube Dress

I bought this red dress for the DPP Conference in December last year [2008] and now I wish to sell it for RM150 only..!

The original price is RM199. Bought it at a store in Sungei Wang.. But I cant really remember the name of the outlet.. Sorry girls! So, if anyone of you wishes to buy this lovely dress.. do e-mail me or call or SMS me ok!
I wore the dress for 1 time only.. I does fit S/M size girl..It is stretchable..

Hurry up!

Friday, 30 January 2009


If you guys are currently looking for a PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER for your very own/relatives wedding/engagement... Most probably you gonna like all of these... --

Who's the MOST IMPORTANT PERSON behind all of these pictures????

Mr. Aznul Muzahfar

- The Promising Photographer -
For more infos -- please contact me!!!

Engagement and Wedding Sets

Ring Holder

Cloth & Turban

Wedding Cloth

Sweet Treats


Hye! I would like to offer you out there especially for those who may not have the time to do the work or to take charge of your wedding/engagement due to your packed working schedules.

All of the above are the samples taken from my own engagement sets...

If anyone of you are interested in having my services please do not hesitate to contact me ok!! For every single sets that i made the price would vary according to its material [Rm25-40 = Artificial Flowers and RM60-100 = Fresh Flowers]

Services is currently available at Klang Valley area and Malacca only. Thanks for dropping by!


Please Call or SMS NABILAH @ 017-3977064 / 019-3203669